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Sooyoung Kang

Eric Toda

Sharda Cherwoo

The Other Side


There are two sides to being Asian American in the workplace. On one side, Asian Americans are propped up as the “model minority” and are well represented in the professional workforce. On the other side, because of bias and cultural differences, they are the least likely ethnic group to be promoted into management. In order to enact change in corporate America, first we had to get people talking about this issue. But in Asian communities, the cultural norm is to not speak up.


The Other Side, a campaign to illuminate the reality of the Asian experience in corporate 

America by getting a courageous crew of Fortune 500 Asian leaders to speak their truths on LinkedIn and beyond.

  • The campaign drove 114mm+ impressions across 5 cities

  • 181% MoM increase in LinkedIn reactions on the Ascend page

  • 132% MoM in Ascend LinkedIn page shares 

  • We increased traffic to the Ascend site by 525%

Other Side Stories

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